How to Make amazing book art: folded page art

folded page art

Grand Illusions is a site for the enquiring mind. This how to video demonstrates how to make Folded Page Art. Your wonderful & charming host represents Grand Illusions, an amazing toy, magic & illusion web shop and gallery.

Description from the amazing Grand Illusions site:

Folded Page Art means that you take a book - preferably one you don't mean to read again - and fold each page in the same way. The result is a 3 dimensional sculpture, the exact shape of which will depend on the type of fold that you have chosen.

We suspect that this is quite an old idea; certainly this example was made by an elderly lady in Paris.

Once all the pages have been folded, you can't close the book. In fact, once most of the pages have been folded, it is initially hard to see how you would fold the remaining pages. No doubt there are techniques that the experts use that are not shared lightly. We suspect that you probably fold the pages first - a process that can be done most accurately when you can open the book normally, i.e. the pages are not in their folded position - and having creased the pages, you then unfold them. Once you have worked your way through all the pages, giving them an accurate fold, you can then start moving them into the folded position. The last few pages will be quite tight to slip into position, but at least the folds will already be in place. However that is only our guess as to how it is done!

Because of the time that goes into these books, an example such as the one we show here would cost about GBP275 (nearly US$500). Larger example can cost quite a bit more. But why not make your own?

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WOW! ...AWESOME!....

Now this is what i call a tutorial an amzing one as well,please do share more of this here.thx4sharing.

cant play the tutorial after I sent my Facebook details, should have just "no thnks, just play the video"

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