Fastidious Book Art: Cut or Folded?

Cut or Folded?

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Looks like all folds to me. The last image at the bottom makes it pretty clear.

They would have had to cut a little bit in order to fold the mid sections.

I don't think so. It looks like it's just different pages folded in, and overlapping. If you look at the inner most "seams" in the middle, it looks like different pages overlapping each other instead of the same page meeting a cutting point. Hard to tell for sure though...

Ah, that method is clever. Didn't even occur to me that was possible. I like to think that's the method they used rather than cutting up books.

i think there are cuts in the mid sections...

no look at the m. you would have to cut to make the mid sections. try it; you cannot do it without cutting a bit. at least with the m.

I would believe that it's be just a little slit at the top of the page to start as a guide cut to fold back inward... either way... YOWZA thats some meticulous amazing stuff right there... Now I must say that I have no idea what the last one is... but I do know one thing... it sure is pretty...

It's the recycling triangle logo (but yes, hard to see)

Ah! Bravo sir! You have enlightened me and can now see it for all its beauty! Thanks, pal...

This is more than just clever.

amazing ,any tutorial would be nice too.thx4sharing

You want to do the same by yourself? I've made a free tutorial here.

Have fun!!

I found a site that sells patterns to do this. You can visit the site here

I have tried to create the template however, i am missing something. could some one help me.

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