How To: Make an instant book

Make an instant book

Do you want a unique way to display your vacation photos or present your holiday newsletter? Try making an instant book. This video, you will guide through the simple process. The presenter starts by referencing Esther K. Smiths book: How to Make Books. You do not need a lot of materials, just scissors, paper, and some pictures. After showing examples of different types of paper you can use, she demonstrates the step-by-step process of folding and cutting the paper. She even shows a slow motion replay of one part of it to ensure the viewer understands the procedure. Viewers can see samples of some completed books giving them a better idea of the finished project. The presenter also gives some tips for making the book more interesting such as using a distress tool for the edges, using stamp blocks to add lines for journal writing or other interesting graphics, and making accordion flaps for pull out pages of photos. After watching the video, you will feel inspired to make your own instant books.

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