How To: Perfectly bind a book with two different methods

Perfectly bind a book with two different methods

Demonstrator Andy Hirsch offers a tutorial on how to perfectly bind a book using two different methods. The first method is with binding clips the second with a binding jig. You will need and cutting mat, X-acto knife, paint brush, ruler, binder clips and binding glue. Use use 8 1/2" X 11" paper folded in half for the book pages and 11"x 17" page for the cover. In the 'Binder Clip Method', you make all the pages and cover flush and use the binder clips to keep everything together. Ad glue to folded page ends and glue cover on to the spine, turn over and let sit to dry. In the 'Binding Jig Method', you use a jig made out of a piece of wood to makes your pages flush and clamp the flush pages together. Then apply a nice even coat of glue with a paint brush on to where the binding is going to be. Fold cover onto glue covered spine, press down with hand, flip over and let it dry. When dry loosen up the clamp of the jig and remove. Score next to the page where you want the cover to fold down and fold. Now take your ruler and line it up with the last page of the book and trim away excess book cover material with your X-acto knife.

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