How To: Rehinge a book cover

Rehinge a book cover

In this video molly1216 explains her method of repairing a hardcover book hinge. She mentions that this method should be used for inexpensive books that are not worth being sent to professionals.
The materials she uses are a piece of cloth (the bandage), scissors, glue and a sheet of plastic used to protect the book from excess glue.
The bandage is cut to the right size in width. It is then glued in 2 steps:
First, it is glued to the text block, with the protective sheet on the book cover. After the glue is dried, the bandage is trimmed to the right size and the remaining half of the fold is glued to the book cover, with the protective sheet on the first page of the book. More glue is added if the cloth did not adhere properly to the book cover.
The book is now repaired, and the bandage should not be visible any more.

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