How To: Make a glue bound paperback book

Make a glue bound paperback book

You Tube user go to guy enterprises teach you how to make glue bound paperback book. You will print you book on a4 paper, 2 pages per side, on each side. That means you'll have 4 pages in total on a sheet of a4 paper. Fold the paper in the middle and make stacks of the pages. You will also need an adjustable wood placement for the pages. Make sure you also have a piece of card stock for the black cover. Then align everything up, clamp it down to make the pages staying tight. On the spine of the book you will use an epoxy. You can also use a flexible contact cement. You don't need to apply a lot of glue. Close the makeshift cover and leave it to set for about 5 minutes. Remove the book and bend the last part of the cover over. Clean the edges if you need to and the bound book is done.

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